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Frankenstein Vs. The Monster Essays

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Frankenstein Vs. The Monster

At this point in the novel, I sympathize with the monster even though he has become a terrible person. As his creator, Victor Frankenstein should have cared for the monster despite his disgusting appearance.
Frankenstein failed to provide the monster with any type of parental guidance and instead ran away from his responsibilities. In the first few hours of his birth, the monster is faced with rejection, even from his creator. If Frankenstein would have guided and nurtured him, then the monster would have never sought revenge on Frankenstein and his family. However, I sympathize mostly with the monster because he is no the one to blame. I believe with most instances that the parent is the one to…show more content…

If the monster would have encountered a family in which the husband was an abusive drunk and the wife beat her children,
Frankenstein would have evolved into a different person.

The monster is hated by every person he encounters. Frankenstein calls his creation a horrible disaster, which leaves a mark on the monster.
The creator leaves him for dead and does not care what happens to the monster. The monster had to learn things by himself like the effects of fire and hunger. The monster learns that fire causes heat but learns that it can burn him sticking his hand in the fire. A good parent will teach a child things about nature and will nurture the child. A good parent will also teach a child the difference between right and wrong. However, Frankenstein leaves his creation for dead and wishes death upon the monster.

On the other hand, I need to show some sympathy to Frankenstein and place some of the blame on the monster. The monster learned much from the time Frankenstein left him in the apartment. The monster kills the boy out of pure revenge against Frankenstein. The monster is disgusted at human nature because of all the killing that occurs between us, yet he still goes ahead and does it himself. He contradicts himself and is a hypocrite.

In his second encounter with a human, the monster enters a home of a shepherd, who with one look at him, runs away in fear and disgust. The monster then enters a

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     One who has only seen the Hollywood version of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein would assume that in the course of the book the true monster is Dr. Frankenstein himself. But upon analysis of the text it becomes clear that it is in fact the Monster who is the greater of the two evils. Although created by the doctor, his own hatred and consciousness yield an evil larger than even the doctor could have predicted.
     The monster himself, like Dr. Frankenstein, is an unbalanced being. He cannot keep his intellect in line with his emotions. The monster, outcast from society, seeks vengeance. "If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear," says the monster to his creator. The monster…show more content…

However in this story there is only the De Lacey family. The monster watches them though a window where he sees love in the family, but he is rejected by them due to his fiendish looks. This is the turning point for the monster much as being turned into the beast was the prince in the a fore mentioned fairy tale. The monster then goes on a rampage with the idea that if he cannot have love, than no one should. The fallacy in his logic was that he should try to satisfy his own needs rather than making every one else miserable.
     This is much like what the government did in Harrison Bergeron, the short story by Kurt Vonnegut. In this story the government is the monster. In a search for equality, the government uses debilitating devices to stifle the concentration of the people, or impair them physically so that no one person is greater than the other. This is the same as the monsters action to kill whomever Dr. Frankenstein has ever been close to. Since the monster cannot be loved, neither will his creator. Or, if this one person cannot think in more than twenty second bursts, neither will anyone else. This stunning lack of compassion on the part of the monster was not his fault.
     When Dr. Frankenstein originally pushed the monster away it was an act of utter disgrace on his part. Equivalent to disowning your own child, Dr.

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