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A. Halo Cryptum BY Greg Bear. 1. Compare the environmental condition of our planet with that of the ancient precursor planet as described in the book. Use the  ...


HOLIDAY HOMEWORK (2013-2014) CLASS IX ENGLISH Read any one of the following books during summer break: 1. To Sir With Love-E.R. Braithwaite 2. Nemesis-Agatha Christie For ‘Nemesis’ or ‘To Sir with Love’: Having read the book, do the following activities:  Prepare a Book Club Weekly magazine that includes the following: i) Book review (Critics corner) ii) Interview the main character of the story iii) As a news paper reporter, write a report on any scene from the book as if it were a real life incident iv) Write a plot for a sequel to the book Instructions: o Give your Book Club a name o Give a title to your weekly magazine o Design an illustrative cover o Include a column for the President of the Book Club through which he/she can address the readers and declare your chosen book as the book of the week. o Make a table of contents o You may add some fun activities like crosswords, sudoku, jumbled words, etc. o The book review must be able to persuade the reader of the weekly to read the book, it must include: a. Name of novel, author and publisher(s). b. Price and number of pages. c. Type of novel – fiction/non-fiction-historical/romantic/classic/adventure/horror d. The plot – realistic, simple, action-packed e. Style – easy, heavy, fast, slow f. Content g. Characters – their relevance in the story h. Overall effect and appeal i. Message or moral conveyed o Use A4 size Sheets 1

Also Read ‘Three Men in a Boat’ by Jerome.K.Jerome (mandatory): Answer the following questions from book 1 in A4 size sheets: Q Q Q Q Q Q Q

The story “Three Men in a Boat” is basically a travelogue. Yet it has a universal appeal. Explain. Write a brief character-sketch of George in the novel “Three Men in a Boat” Give a critical evaluation of the first book of the story ”Three Men in a Boat”. Why does the narrator say that the weather forecast is a swindle? Write a short note on the historical background of the place Kingston. Describe briefly the humorous incident of cooking Irish stew. The novel has numerous humorous elements both serious and sentimental. Discuss.

MATH A. ACTIVITY - MAKE A MATHS TAMBOLA GAME/ BOARD GAME - An activity to enhance mental mathematics. 1. MathsTambola is a game where the objective is to strike off numbers on your card till you get a certain combination of lines or all numbers. It is a game of probability in which players mark off numbers on cards as the numbers are drawn randomly by a caller, the winner being the first person to mark off all their numbers. All you have to do is to use your creativity to prepare the following using the guidelines given below: a)Two Tambola tickets

A typical tambola ticket contains 27 spaces, arranged in nine columns by three rows. Each row contains five numbers and four blank spaces. Each column contains up to three numbers, which are arranged as follows:    

The first column contains numbers from 1 to 9 (or 10), The second column numbers from 10 (or 11) to 20, The third, 30 (or 31) to 40 and so on up until the last column, which contains numbers from 81 to 90. Algebraic expressions can also be used instead of the numbers. b) Question bank containing 30 questions on any Mathematical concepts learnt so far in classes 8 and 9 along with an answer key. The game is presided over by a caller, whose job it is to call out the numbers. In Math Tambola, Questions/sums related to Mathematics will be asked and according to the answer, the players strike off the number/answer marked in the ticket. 2

The different winning combinations are: Line – covering a horizontal line of five numbers on the ticket. Two Lines – covering any two lines on the same ticket. Full House – covering all fifteen numbers on the ticket. Here are few examples of the questions along with the answer key. A sample of math tambola ticket with the answers marked on it is also shown below.       

What will be the remainder when x2 +4x + 28 is divided by x  1 ? What is the degree of a cubic polynomial? What is the product of 6√5 and 2√5? 1 It is the rationalizing factor of . 7 What is the value of (32)1/5? What is the zero of p(x) = x-45? If a + b + c = 0, then a3 + b3 + c3 = ….?

(Ans:24 ) (Ans: 3) (Ans: 60) (Ans: √7) (Ans: 2) (Ans: 45) (Ans: 3abc)

OR 2. Board Games: Use your creativity to design any other mathematical board game e.g Snakes and Ladders based on mathematical concepts learnt so far in classes 8 and 9. All you need to do is: a. Prepare a Question bank containing 30 questions along with the answer key. b. A board with numbers marked from 1 to 100, a snake and a ladder. The game will be played by minimum 2 players and a third person to call out the question. A question will be asked and according to the answer, the player moves ahead. If the answer is a negative number, the player will have to move those many steps backward. The one who reaches the end first is the winner. B. Do the worksheets 1 and 2 on the punched sheets



Read any one of the following books and answer the questions based on the book you choose to read. A. “Halo Cryptum” by “Greg Bear” B. “Forever War” by “Joe Haldeman” A. Halo Cryptum BY Greg Bear 1. Compare the environmental condition of our planet with that of the ancient precursor planet as described in the book. Use the Graphic Organizer given below. EARTH



2. (a) How did the Librarian save the human race from extinction? ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________________ (b) Use the graphic organizer to list some organisms which have become extinct in the recent past.


3. In your opinion who is more technologically advanced, we humans or the forerunners? Support your answer with some examples from the book. Use the graphic organizer given below.


B. The Forever War by Joe Haldeman 3. The soldiers experience a lot of changes on returning to Earth. Keeping in mind the rapid increase in the use of technology in the present times, mention any 5 technological advancements that you expect will take place in the next 50 years. Use the Graphic Organizer given below.


1. The novel talks about life on another planet. Using the graphic organizer compare life on Earth and on

the other planet, Charon, mentioned in the book


3. In your opinion who is more advanced- Humans or Taurans? Support your answer with instances from the novel. Use graphic organizer given below. HUMANS



  

SOCIAL SCIENCE Students will prepare a project on “Disaster Management”. They will prepare the project on TWO DISASTERS: “EARTHQUAKES” and “CYCLONES”. The project will be done on coloured A4 paper. Students may use 6 to 8 sheets.

Students will include the following in the project:1) Introduction: They will answer the question “What is a Disaster?”and with the help of a flow chart or a table they can differentiate between “Types of Disasters” based on their occurrence :  Slow “Onset disasters” like droughts, famines  “Rapid-onset disasters” like earthquakes, cyclones, flash floods, volcanic eruptions  “Natural disasters” Iike tsunamis, earthquakes, droughts, annual floods  “Human-induced disasters” like the 1984 Bhopal Gas tragedy, the 1997 Uphaar Cinema fire in Delhi, Rajdhani train derailment in 2002, Jaipur serial blasts in 2008 2) The different Phases of Disaster Management can be shown in the form of a diagrammatic cycle for CYCLONES and newspaper clippings with photographs/pictures for EARTHQUAKES. 3) Students will complete the project on the disasters Earthquakes and Cyclones according to the following guidelines given below: a) Disaster strikes – both Cyclones and Earthquakes strike SUDDENLY.  Cyclones have been a recurrent phenomena in the coastal parts of India, e.g. the Super Cyclone of Orissa on 29th October 1999.  Our city, Delhi lies in an earthquake- prone zone, so citizens of Delhi must always be on the alert and be vigilant regarding the sudden occurrence of an earthquake. b) Emergency response and relief – includes  work carried out by Government, NGOs and various religious bodies and  search and rescue of those affected, First aid, provision of food, clothing shelter, medicine to those affected. c) Rehabilitation – includes contingency plans for the rehabilitation of the disaster affected people. d) Reconstruction – includes initiatives taken up by the Government, NGOs and various other agencies to help the affected community to come back to normalcy. e) Mitigation measures– include long term measures taken to reduce the impact of disasters. It includes :  structural initiatives - construction of disaster resistant buildings and elevated roads, raising of river embankments, multi-purpose cyclone shelters, coastal belt plantation and  non-structural initiatives - raising public awareness and preparation of plans at the community level for better preparedness, sensitization and training programmes for architects, engineers, enforcing building codes, hazard mapping, cyclone forecasting and warning f) Preparedness – involves :  measures that enable governments, community and individuals to respond rapidly to disaster situations and  how to cope with them effectively.  Students Activity – CHOOSE ANY ONE: 10

a) Students may make a plan for a Disaster Management Committee in your school. Create a rescue plan from your auditorium or classroom to the playground in case an earthquake or cyclone occurs. OR b) Students may write an original short skit of about 300 words displaying the functions of a Disaster Management Committee, to rescue disaster affected people. 4) Conclusion : Value Based Question (to be included as a write-up of about 100 words in the project) “Mention the values that one should possess in order to be an effective member of the Disaster Management Team.” IMPORTANT TIPS: Students may refer to the following websites for more information: FOR CYCLONES: a)www.imd.ernet.in: Website of Indian Meteorological Department. Government of India b) www.tropmet.res.in: Website of Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, India FOR EARTHQUAKES: a) www.nicee.org: Website of National Information Centre of earthquake Engineering, IIT Kanpur. b) www.imd.ernet.in/section/seismo/static/welcome.htm: Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) in the Nodal department of Government of India, dealing with earthquakes.



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1. Class VI. Holiday Homework-2013-14. ENGLISH. Theme:Books are my best friends. Read at least one of the following books: 1. Rusty Runs Away by Ruskin  ...


Class VI Holiday Homework-2013-14 ENGLISH Theme:Books are my best friends Read at least one of the following books: 1. Rusty Runs Away by Ruskin Bond 2. The Room on the Roof by Ruskin Bond 3. The Man-Eater of Malgudi by R.K.Narayan 4. Matilda by Roald Dahl I.

Make a comic strip to present any one part of the book you read. A few tips that will help you make the comic strip:  Work out the story in writing, giving clear notes as to what you want in each frame (make at least 6 frames) of the comic strip. Add quick sketches with stick figures in your plan. Use pencil so that you can make changes without having to start the plan over. This plan will be your guide.  Visualize your characters and practice drawing them. (eg: whether your character is tall or short; angry, confused or happy; has a wild hairstyle or a funny nose?)  Visualize your setting and practice drawing it. You need to make sure you have space for speech balloons, so don’t crowd your settings with too many objects.  Now make the final draft with pictures and speech bubbles.


Make a folder to keep the A4 size sheets. Decorate it by pasting this comic strip on it. Now take a print out of all sheets of English Holiday Homework and put them inside this folder.


Make a list of at least 20-30 new/ difficult words from the book. You may underline them in the book itself while reading. Find out their meaning from the dictionary. Write the words along with their meanings in the space provided. Use one balloon for 4-5 words.




Write the name of the protagonist/ favourite character. Write adjectives in the space provided to describe him/ her. You must also write a brief explanation/ state instances from the story to prove your point.

Name of the protagonist/ your favourite character




SCIENCE Are you afraid of science fiction as they portray imaginary characters from another world or take you to your past or future or to a remote corner of the world. Its time to explore these possibilities by reaching the centre of the earth through reading the book ‘’ Journey to the centre of the earth’’ by Jules Verne. Based on your reading answer the following questions in A-4 sheets. Use your imagination and creativity to do the work and have fun. 1.

Name and describe the devices they carried along with them and also write their uses. Draw or paste their pictures.

Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne


3. You have come across many different species of plants and animals in the book. Write about any four of them and draw their figures on the basis of the description given in the book.


Write about scientific observations that you can relate to real life and are not created. You can draw or paste pictures.

4. Find the scientific terms used in the book and write their meanings in the graphic organizer.


SOCIAL SCIENCE Values are essential for positive human behaviour .It is the greatest endeavour to imbibe values in children .Before becoming successful citizens, we should be good human beings Holidays are approaching, wherein the children can rejuvenate themselves. It’s the best time to fulfil all lacunae in ourselves and inculcate good habits. So children, get prepared to enjoy your holidays in a more recreational way Given below is a list of Values. You have to choose any two values and complete the two activities that are a part of your summer vacation project a) Doing your best b) Collaboration c) Respect d) Freedom e) Rights and responsibility f) Celebrating the nation g) Peace h) Acceptance of other i) Sensitivity towards environment j) Time management k) Caring Activity One Design a Board Game on any One of the values chosen by you Here are some easy steps that will help you create your own board game. It is not necessary to incorporate all ideas in your game. 1)

The game should be about the decisions we face in life, in which players are asked to choose the right

course of action in different circumstances and dilemmas. There are no right or wrong answers, but each choice has to be justified from a Human Values perspective in order to win points.



Think of a theme for your game from the above values . Are you interested in creating a game that is

based on a skill, such as Pictionary, Scrabble or Clue? Or are you more interested in creating a path game that is purely based on luck and chance, such as snakes and Ladders? If so, will it be one where you are a pirate and must travel the seas to find lost treasure, or will you be trapped in haunted mansion and have to avoid the monsters and ghosts? Remember, the game should be based on values. 3)

Map out rules and directions for the game


What is the minimum or maximum number of players


How many spaces on the board / variations on the story will you need to keep the game interesting for

multiple players c)

How does the game end? Do you reach a final destinations (like in Candy land) or compete to

accumulate goodies (like in Monopoly) d)

Design a key wherein first option will justify a human value, second option will be neutral (no loss no

gain), third option wherein human values are not justified e)

Make sure to add start and finishing places and to set out a clear direction for the character(s) to travel

along. Decide whether or not to split or loop the path to add variation or extend the game time. f)

Positions on which to land: These can be designated by shapes (squares, circles, triangles) or drawn

objects/locations (stepping stones, islands, clouds). Make sure that some positions redirect players, instruct them to pick up cards, or cause them to gain/lose items. When designing positions that redirect players to other locations, be careful not to create any domino effect. (example: Go Back Two Spaces position that sends takes a player to a Move Ahead Five Spaces position). For a cleaner look, color-code the positions to represent different commands (as opposed to writing them out). g)

Playing cards: A randomly shuffled assortment of cards adds variation to an unchanging game pathway

by affecting the players in unexpected ways. A card often tells a quick story about an event that befalls a player and then changes his or her score / position / accumulated goods accordingly. Having different types of cards (ex. cards that change a player’s location, cards that change a player’s stats, cards that players can collect throughout the game to represent achievements, and/or cards that command players to do things in real life like dance, sing, do a cartwheel, help mother in the kitchen, etc.) will greatly increase the number of ways in which a game can unfold. h)

Apply the design to a base board. You can use a long sheet of paper, but it would be better to choose a

sturdier material such as cardboard, card stock, or poster board so that your game pieces won't get knockedover if there is a breeze. (If you do decide to use paper for your base it can be laminated so it's waterproof and won't get easily ripped apart.) If you don’t want to buy new material, use old pizza boxes, the cardboard in old binders, or even the board from an old game that you do not use anymore; just paint over the material or cover 8

with clean paper to make space for a new design. When you’re ready, decorate the board with the design that you sketched. i)

Create the game pieces. You can draw the images on paper, then tape or glue them to your preferred

material, such as light cardboard (the type used on cereal boxes); if making a game for family or friends, you might even use players’ photos. To make the pieces stand, cut out a strip of cardboard that you can fold into a 3D triangle (similar to picture frame stands), then stick to the back of the piece for support. Another way to make game pieces that stand is to glue craft foam to the bottom of the folded piece of paper. You could also use pieces from other game sets. You can make the character pieces in line with the place markers such as cards or tokens, draw these out as well. Good materials to use for the game cards are index cards or cardstock. Activity Two Make a poster on any One of the values mentioned above Or Make a collage of pictures showing good values

MATHEMATICS  Activity - Design a Math crossword puzzle Crossword puzzles are word puzzles in which you fill in a square grid with words, guessed by using clues provided. It is like a jigsaw puzzle of words, with hints. Along with Sudoku puzzles, crosswords are a rage world over. Crossword puzzles are fun to solve and create. It would require a mastery over vocabulary, deep knowledge of various subjects, a capacity to make wordplay and a lot of guile to come up with a devious crossword puzzle. Follow the guidelines given below to complete the crossword puzzle: 

      

One important rule of crossword puzzle to be kept in mind is that words are either filled vertically downwards or horizontally from left to right. The words that have to be filled vertically downwards, along with their clues are classified as 'Down', while the words which are filled horizontally along with their clues are classified as 'Across'. Select words that you intend to place in the grid. Let them be such, that they could be overlapped down and across each other. They should be valid referenced words. Clues have to be such that they indirectly hint at the word in a cryptic fashion. Avoid too many three or four- letter words. You may choose to select words according to a theme. Standard medium-sized puzzles that appear in dailies are 15x15 grids. Go for bigger ones of the dimensions of 17x17, 19x19, 21x21 or even a 23x23 grid. Crosswords must be made creatively on Colored Sheet. Make use of pictures to illustrate the words and clues in a better fashion.

 Assignments (2 worksheets given) 9

FRENCH LES LIVRES SONT MES MEILLEURS AMIS a) Read the following passage : Bonjour. Je m’appelle Marie Sarkozy. J’ai quatorze ans. Je suis canadienne. J’habite en France. Je suis belle et intelligente. J’aime le chocolat et le tennis. Mon grand-père s’appelle M. Nicolas Sarkozy. Il a soixante ans. Il est grand . Il est ingenieur. Ma grand-mère s’appelle Mme. Léa Sarkozy. Elle a cinquante –cinq ans. Elle est belle et moderne. Elle aime les films. Elle est actrice. Mon père s’appelle M. Jean Sarkozy. Il a quarante ans. Il est médecin. Il est grand et beau. Ma mère s’appelle Mme. Monica Sarkozy. Elle est professeur. Elle a trente-neuf ans. Elle est belle et intelligente. Elle aime le football. Mon frère s’appelle George Sarkozy. Il a neuf ans. Il aime le rugby. J’aime ma famille. 

Dites vrai ou faux. (Tell true or false) 1. J’ai 13 ans. 2. Mon grand-père s’appelle Mme. Léa Sarkozy 3. Mon père est ingenieur. 4. Ma mère est indienne. 5. Mon frère s’appelle George Sarkozy.

 

Make a list of 5 nouns. Make a list of 5 adjectives.

b) Make a colourful dictionary of 20 words from English to French. You can also show illustrations.  5 fruits  5 vegetables  5 things in your pencil box or in your school bag.  5 things you see in the class (eg, chair, blackboard etc)


c) Retrouvez les nombres: (Find the numbers) A













d) Trouvez les mots de salutations: (Find the greetings) C F A S W B X D R



























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