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A Global Focus

Global experience is an integral aspect of the Berkeley MBA experience. Global business is part of many courses, and you are encouraged to take advantage of international opportunities, such as spending a semester abroad, planning study trips to other countries, or serving as a consultant through the school's acclaimed International Business Development program. In addition, there are numerous student clubs, business competitions, fellowship programs, and research centers with an international focus.

The international emphasis of the Haas School is an integral part of its culture and its student community, with students hailing from more than 30 countries, speaking many languages, and having lived, studied, or worked abroad. Many faculty members, too, are either originally from other countries, or have extensive international experience and contacts. The impact of this international diversity on the MBA program is enormous, adding varied perspectives to classroom discussions, team projects, and everyday interactions.

MBA Courses with an International Focus

In the classroom, you learn business fundamentals from a decidedly global perspective, from the core course in macroeconomics to electives that explore:

  • Global strategy
  • Global leadership
  • Global poverty and social impact
  • Global megatrends
  • Global operations

Find course descriptions for Berkeley MBA coures in the UC Berkeley general course catalog, the Berkeley Academic Guide.

Experiential Global Learning

Every year, one of the Haas School's most heralded experiential courses, International Business Development (IBD), sends about half of all full-time Berkeley MBA students to various countries for team consulting engagements with clients that range from large multinationals to nonprofit organizations.

  • During the spring semester: Student teams prepare a work plan in consultation with their client and undertake background research and analysis while attending classes on related topics.
  • From mid-May to mid-June: Teams spend three weeks on location in their assigned country.
  • In the fall semester: Teams carry out additional research to complete the assignment and present their work to the Haas community.

Study Abroad

Nothing compares to the experience of attending a foreign university and getting to know students in another country for an entire semester. Berkeley MBA students may embark on an international exchange program in the fall semester of their second year. They pay the normal Haas fees and may earn up to 12 units toward their MBA degree while abroad. International exchange programs are offered in the following locations:

  • Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
  • IESE Business School, Universidad de Navarra, Barcelona
  • L'Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC), Jouy-en-Josas
  • London Business School

Also, student clubs organize regular study treks to Asia, Latin America, and Europe, visiting firms, meeting with government officials, and engaging with alumni. Because so many of our students are international, often these treks are organized by those who are eager to share their home countries with classmates.

The Global Network for Advanced Management

Berkeley Haas is a member of the Global Network for Advanced Management (GNAM), a network of top business schools across five continents that gives students opportunities to explore a range of global economies, including both developed nations and fast-growing economies, such as Indonesia, Turkey, and Chile.

Programs include Global Network Weeks, with students traveling to other member schools for mini courses in areas of special expertise on those campuses, and Global Network Courses, online for-credit courses through member schools in which students work in dispersed, culturally diverse teams to tackle pressing global challenges.

GNAM member schools include Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Business School, IMD, Said Business School at the University of Oxford, and Yale School of Management.

MA in Global Studies

You may consider pursuing an MA in Global Studies after completing your MBA. The MA-GS program broadens your knowledge of different regions or countries through courses from various UC Berkeley departments, including social science and area studies. It is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide students with the fundamentals of contemporary international issues, as well as detailed knowledge about particular world regions. You may focus on a topic—such as international trade and debt, investment strategies, global communications, environmental issues, or urban and regional development—or a geographic area.

Berkeley MBA Conferences and Clubs with a Global Focus

A number of clubs and conferences at Berkeley Haas explore international issues and opportunities:

  • Global Social Venture Competition, providing aspiring entrepreneurs with mentoring, exposure, and $50,000 in prize money to transform ideas into businesses with real world impact
  • European Business Club, supporting interest in European companies, foreign companies in Europe, and even European companies in the U.S.
  • Asia Business Club, catering to students hailing from or otherwise interested in countries in the Asia Pacific region—home to some of the fastest rising economies today.

Fellowships for Global Management

Fellowships include:

Global Careers

The Career Management Group supports international career goals, providing students with access to employers, and offering guidance from experienced advisors, coaches, managers, and practitioners at all stages of the career planning process. Generally, nearly 20 percent of graduates accept jobs outside the U.S. and more than 5 percent of students take international internships.

Student clubs also host a variety of employment and networking events to help with career planning.

Research Centers

Research centers at Berkeley Haas with an international focus include:

Admissions Events Abroad

Our global focus starts before students even come to Haas--with a worldwide approach to connecting with prospective students. See our schedule of off-campus admissions events to see where in the world we'll be.

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