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In my opinion, the Woodson Foundation, the schools and the National Coalition for Parental Involvement in Education (NCPIE) have not formed groups yet. In the first stage of group development, the forming stage, the members are still unsure of the structure, leadership and purpose of the group. According to the case study, the groups still have not been formed although there are possible candidates selected to contribute to each group. By understanding the stages of group development; the Woodson Foundation could form a cohesive coalition. Forming Stage – In this stage, the members of the group are still unsure of what is to come. Each member is getting to know the purpose of the group and each member within the group along with the behaviors that are acceptable. By having hand-picked groups already formed at the very beginning, the Woodson Foundation can build a strong foundation for success. Storming and Norming Stages – Within these stages begins the conflicts, creates leadership and ends with strong ideas about how members of the group need to work together. By understanding these stages, the Woodson Foundation would be on their way to creating great ideas to help the Washington, D.C. school system. Performing and Adjourning Stages – The performing stage is when the group stops reflecting so much on each other and starts performing the task at hand. Adjourning is when the group is wrapping up all their ideas and following through with what


Building a Coalition First off, we are dealing with a couple different issues. The Washington, DC. Public school system, just as most school systems, has seen a decline in student performance over the recent past. A few of the issues are truancy, low student performance and crime. Just when a new, up and coming teacher or faculty member gets there, they tend to burn out as they are met with harsh realities in the classroom.

Part 1


 Group Development

There are 5 stages in the development process of a group and each one plays an important role as you progress into becoming a fully functioning group. 1. Forming Stage


 The group is starting to form. 2. Storming Stage


 Intragroup conflict, resist constraints 3. Norming Stage


 Relationships develop, demonstrate cohesiveness 4. Performing Stage


 Fully functional, performing the task at hand. 5. Adjourning Stage


 for temporary groups, wrapping up activities. In my opinion the group is stuck in the forming stage as they are still talking about the different candidates to put together to assemble the group. There has already been one group assembled, between the Woodson Foundation and the Washington, D.C. public school system and they have decided to form another group to focus on developing an experimental after school program. If all parties involved understood the group forming process, things might flow a little more smoothly. They would understand that the group would need to include people that were willing to work together to assist in bringing back the quality of

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