Stanford Greek Life College Prowler Essay

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Students at Stanford University

What one word or phrase best describes the typical student at this school?
  • Collaborative and record-breaking
Student Primary Residence
        of students say the student body is very diverse in ethnic heritage.68 responses
        of students say the student body is very diverse in national origin (international students).69 responses
        • International (Non-Citizen)
        What political party do you associate yourself with?
        • Other party not mentioned
        • I don't care about politics
        How would you best describe the political beliefs of campus as a whole?
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          San Diego State University

          1 Best Greek Life Colleges in California

          Senior: Hi! A little bit about myself...My name is Hoang Linh Nguyen, I'm a Vietnamese who was born and raised in Russia, and now I'm embarking my educational journey in sunny San Diego. Currently I'm an Electrical Engineer (senior), at San Diego State University, and so far...I LOVE IT.
          The school life, the educational opportunities, and the resources that school provides are top notch, but it's up to the students to take the given opportunities and use them to aid in their goals . Probably the most amazing thing about the SDSU, is their mentality about the equality in opportunities for EVERYONE, since I'm an international student who was influenced by both cultures, this school mentality was really close to my heart.
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          • 35% Acceptance Rate

          • $14,344 Net Price

          • 1000-1220 SAT Range

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