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³The purpose of this project is to contextualize this course into a practical, pastoralcounseling model utilizing a solution-focused approach under the influence of an overarchinggoal´ (Rice 2008, 1).I will attempt to bring all the theories, processes and practices to bear on this Solution-Blessed Brief Pastoral Counseling, (SBBPC), project to show competency on my part inexplaining and synthesizing this class into my life.Because I believe that the counseling process involves the care-seeker and just asimportant me as the care-provider, I have chosen two overarching goals to remind me of the purpose in the counseling journey. Romans 15:13, reminds me that the end results of thecounseling relationship ends in overflow of hope. I Peter 5:2 in the Phillips Translation remindsme of my motivation and calling for the caregiver as being central to the healing process of thesouls under my care.Bruce Murakami is the care-seeker I will use in my attempt to try and implement theSolution-Blessed Brief Pastoral Counseling theory as his care-provider. Suffering from a tragic,devastating loss Bruce is confused, lost, and inconsolable at times. This is very natural for someone who in the midst of a sudden and tragic loss of a loved one. I am using three differentcounseling experiences I have and am going through with people exhibiting some of the sameissues facing Bruce Murakami from the movie and the case study provided by the class.Using the

Uniquely You, Personalizing My Faith

, (2009), personality profiling tool,Bruce seems to be a ³D/C´ mix with ³D´ being the dominant personality feature. Watchingfilmed interviews of the real Bruce Murakami, I have added the personality feature of ³I´ as aminor influencing trait.

This guide provides resources to support the Divinity School students in their ministry to parishioners in crisis and research into the best methods for providing acritical and imaginative practice of pastoral care and counseling. 

The Getting Started page provides general search tips, as well as links to online resources, journal titles, and reference works. Subsequent pages are devoted to the special issues encountered by practioners and ministers.

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