Essay Writing In Hindi About Cow Manure

The cow is of the most useful animals known to man. It has served man for thousands of years. it is a very calm, quiet animal. It gets angry only very rarely.

The biggest use of a bull is that it gives us milk. Fresh milk is very good for our health. We can drink it plain or by adding some flavors. We can also make many things out of it like butter, ghee, ice-creams, sweets and many other things.

The other use of a cow is that it can be used to till the fields by making it drag a hoe. Now-a-days some farmers in India use bull for this job.

Cows are also used to draw bullock carts. They can run quite fast and can also drag heavy loads after them. They are very patient animals and work hard even after they are tired.

A cow lives mostly on grass. It has to be fed well. Only then it give a lot of milk. We must be very kind to cows, because they are very useful, meek animals and never do us any harm. We must never beat them or cause pain to them in any way. A calf must always be allowed to be with its mother. They should not be separated.

Cows are also killed for their meat. They are given a lot of fodder and are killed when they are fat. Many people in India do not like to eat meat. They consider it a sin to hurt a cow.

The cow dung is used as a fuel after drying it. Leather goods are made out of the skin of a cow. Thus cows have proved to be very useful to man. they are respected as holy creatures in India and are also worshiped. Let us treat these gentle animals with kindness.

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NEW DELHI: To save cows from slaughter, the government should support cow-shelters for their sustenance and promote the use of cow urine and dung for manufacturing organic products and use cattle draught power for short-distance government activity.

This is the suggestion of the Union Youth Affairs Secretary and senior IAS officer of the 1979 batch, Rajeev Gupta in a blog he has written for Prime Minister's MyGov portal. Gupta has served for long in the animal husbandry department in UP and as boss of NAFED in Delhi.

He says the "use of cattle dung, urine and draught power of the male cattle" does not stand properly included in the mandate of Ministry of Agriculture and establishment of cattle shelters is not on the active consideration list of any government department.

Highlighting rampant violation of prevention of cow slaughter laws, Gupta says cattle are termed as 'useless' and abandoned/sold for slaughter. "The ‘useless’ cattle can be made into ‘useful’ cattle by proper use of dung, urine and draught animal power.

If the farmer is unable to keep such cattle, shelters will take care of them and make proper use of their dung, urine and draught power. Inaction of the Government in this regard is the root cause of the rampant violation of the cattle preservation laws," Gupta says.

He says Goshalas and Gosadans require government support for sustenance. "It is incumbent on the part of the Government to ensure provision of shelters for stray cattle wherever they are required. These shelters should be integrated in the overall cattle development programmes," Gupta says. Cow slaughter is a major issue now with many BJP-ruled states now strictly enforcing laws. Gupta is suggesting direct government intervention by setting up a National Cattle Development Board in India.

He has lamented that while annual subsidy on fertilizers runs up to one lakh crore Rs, promotion of organic farming has a minuscule budget.

"Government has confined scope of cattle development to breed improvement alone with a focus on the milk yield. Other aspects - use of draught animal power, use of cattle dung and urine to prepare biogas, organic manures, pesticides, medicines, soaps, phenyl, mosquito repellent coils, value added products - have not received requisite attention," he says.

Gupta suggests government to reserve short distance government sponsored transport for draught animal power. "Like foodgrain transportation from FCI godowns to fair price shops and transportation of wooden logs in forest areas to Forest Depots. This shall also reduce environmental pollution and save use of scarce oil resources," Gupta says.

He has pitched for distributing improved bullock carts and bullock driven tractors, water pumps and generators. "Government needs to promote organic farming; use of bullock driven implements in every village by every farmer," he says.

Gupta has asked for all existing cattle schemes to be transferred to the proposed National Cattle Development Board.
"The Board would contribute significantly in achieving the targeted annual growth rate of 4% in agriculture and allied activities. The cattle with better feed, upkeep and optimum utilization with improved agricultural implements shall also be saved from cruelty and slaughter. This will bring in the real sense prosperity for farmers and welfare of cattle," he says, specifying these as his personal views. Gupta could not be contacted for a comment by ET on Sunday.

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