Mahatma Gandhi Philosophy Of Education Essay

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Education : Gandhian Philosophy of Education

“By education I mean all-around development, drawing out of the best in the child-man body, mind and spirit.”

 Literacy according to him is neither the end of education nor even the beginning. It is one of the means whereby man and woman can be educated. Literacy in itself is not education.”

Gandhiji gave the concept of 3 r’s and 3 H’s

  • Hand-psychomotor domain/skills
  • Heart-spiritual domain/skills
  • Head-Cognitive domain/skills

3r’s :  Read, write and arithmatic

Gandhiji emphasized certain ideals, practical work and the potentiality of students in education. Gandhian education has been characterized as encompassing the head, the heart and the hands that means the all-around development of child. According to him education is that which draws out and stimulates the spiritual, intellectual and physical faculties of children.

Gandhiji initiated a concept of Sarvoday Society.  

Gandhiji has given six types of education under the Sarvoday society.

1. Basic Education

2. Buniyadi Talim

3. Nayi Talim

4. National Education

5. Wardha Shikshan/Education    

6. Life Education

Principles of Basic Education:  

  1. Free and Compulsory Education:  Gandhiji regarding basic education or bunyadi talim, said elementary education should be free of charge, to enable all Indians to lead an independant life.
  2. Mother tongue as a medium of education:  Gandhiji emphasized the mother tongue to be the medium of instruction. Mother tongue would enable the children to express themselves effectively and clearly, learn ethical and moral values and importance of national heritage.
  3. Craft centeredness: Students should get exposure to learn skills and craft like knitting, weaving, agricultural activities, cooking which make them self-reliant and also develop three domains: Physical Domain, Psycho-motor Domain and Cognitive Domain


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